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You will have the option to apply for a "Disposal Title" or have the vessel titled to your business. Note, when you opt to apply for a normal title, a 5% tax will be collected based on the amount due (lien amount). 

Disposal Title Rules


A lienor under Commercial Law Article, §16-201 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland, may apply for a title for purposes of disposal. Minimum vessel excise tax of $5 will be assessed.

 I declare and affirm under penalty of perjury that:

  • There were no bidders at the mechanics lien sale.

  • Lienor seeks title for purposes of removal.

  • Vessel will be destroyed.

  • Attached photographs demonstrate vessel’s deteriorated condition.

  • I understand that the Department will mark the vessel record “destroyed”.             

  • Lienor accepts responsibility for the difference between the minimum vessel excise                tax and tax on the total charges claimed in the mechanics lien transaction should                    DNR subsequently receive application for title transfer on the vessel.

Notice to Lienor


  • Disposal title will be issued upon payment of $2 title fee and $5 minimum vessel excise tax.

  • Title issued by the DNR will be marked “Title issued for disposal purposes only.”

  • Vessel will be marked “destroyed” in the DNR's vessel registration database.

  • Interest and 100% fraud penalty may apply if DNR subsequently receives application for title transfer.



Once you file a lien for a disposal title, you will be required to provide a signed Disposal Title Affidavit. This document will be emailed to you upon receiving your LienOnline. It will accompany your title work to the Dept. of Natural Resouces.

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